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Escuela Agraria Vícar visit

On Wednesday, May17th, the students of the Escuela Agraria Vícar Agricultural School visited the iGUESSmed Pilot Farm trial by ANECOOP, in Almeria, Spain.

During this visit, students experienced directly the setup of evja sensors in the tomato greenhouse and learned how irrigation and fertilization have been managed, following the iGUESSmed DSS recommendations by members of the iGUESSmed team from Universidad de Almería and Grupo Cajamar.

After the visit to the Pilot Farm trials, the students attended a seminar where the iGUESSmed irrigation and fertigation models were shown.

iGUESSmed is coordinated by CREA - Ricerca and is part of the #PRIMA Programme supported under Horizon 2020, the European Union's framework programme for research and innovation EU Science & Innovation.

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