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SOI days in Italy

Giornate Tecniche SOI 2023 connected researchers, universities and agronomists to promote the know-how transfer of top-notch innovations in agriculture.

Organized by CREA - Ricerca and Società di Ortoflorofrutticoltura Italiana, the event took place at CREA facilities in Pontecagnano, Italy on October 4 and 5. iGUESSmed was presented on stage and in greenhouse by the project coordinator Alejandra Navarro García of CREA, evja CEO Davide Parisi and Università di Pisa researcher Fatjon Cela.

We shared all the results achieved so far and the impact of the project on tomato growing in greenhouse.

iGUESSmed is a joint project of: CREA, evja, Università di Pisa, #bioplanet, Universidad de Almería, Grupo Cajamar, Grupo La Caña, Akdeniz University, CRRHAB-Res.Projects.

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